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Photo: Sunset in Leinster Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

    This is the story of Peg and Tom Maynard's cruise aboard their forty foot sailboat, Starboard Home, built in 1986 by Valiant Yachts.  They began their journey in May of 1999 from their home port of Oriental, North Carolina, U.S.A., and sailed to Bermuda, the Azores, Spain and Portugal before flying home to the U.S. in November from Rota, Spain.  They resumed their travels in April of 2000, and spent the year exploring the western Mediterranean before stopping in Malta, where they left Starboard Home while stateside until the spring of 2001.  The 2001 cruise involved an exploration of the Eastern Mediterranean including the Greek Ionian and Aegean islands and ended in Turkey where the boat spent the winter while Tom and Peg again went stateside. The 2002 cruise included the western coast of Turkey, the Sea of Marmara to Istanbul, the Black Sea countries of Bulgaria, Romania, and the Ukraine, and the northern coast of Turkey.  The Fall of 2002 was spent cruising with friends in the northern Aegean Greek islands before leaving the boat in Marmaris again for the winter.

    In 2003, Tom and Peg sailed from Turkey through the Corinth Canal to the Adriatic Sea where they cruised the Dalmatian Coast and made stops in Montenegro, Croatia, Venice, Ancona and finally, Sibari, Italy.

    2004 was a very busy year, with many family activities and preparations for crossing the Atlantic once more to head to the Caribbean.  As Tom and Peg sailed generally westward from the boot of Italy, they stopped in Barcelona, which they missed on the way east.  They also did some sightseeing in Andorra and France, a country they did not want to miss before leaving the Mediterranean. They then sailed to Gibraltar and on to the Canary Islands, the departure point for a crossing to the Caribbean, with landfall at Martinique, in January, 2005.

    Peg and Tom, with crew, Garry, arrived in Martinique on January 29, 2005.  They island-hopped their way south to Trinidad, where they left the boat for the summer, planning to return to Starboard Home in the Fall of 2005.

    January 2006 found Starboard Home leaving Trinidad and sailing to Venezuela.  After a short stay there, they explored the outer islands as far west as Los Roques.  They then island hopped through the leeward islands of the West Indies on their way to the Virgin Islands.  Continuing on a northern route, they sailed through the Turks and Caicos channel and spent some time in the Bahamas.  The last leg of the journey took Starboard Home back to her homeport in Oriental, N.C.  She is now back home for the first time in seven years and Tom & Peg are planning their next trip.

    This site and its related links document all of Peg and Tom's past travels and keep you informed about their current exploits.  They can provide up-to-the-minute news and information using the latest technology, including digital cameras, global positioning equipment, and on-board e-mail which links computers with ham radio. From these sources you can see detailed trip reports about each stage of Peg and Tom's journey, review daily logs of sailing conditions, pinpoint their most recent location, and view boatloads of pictures in their extensive photo galleries.  Clicking the "Just-In" button above will bring you directly to a page that provides you with the most recently updated information about Tom's and Peg's most current activities.  This "Just In" page can now be updated from the boat through the Winlink system.

    These tools enable your hosts to make you feel like you're right there on the boat with them, or like you're part of their sightseeing party when they make landfall.  You can also communicate with Peg and Tom by sending an e-mail message, by joining their mailing list, or by signing their Guest Book.  Drop them a line--they would love to hear from you!  And check back often to find out how their adventures are progressing.

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